Real Avid Turkey Tool

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Real Avid Turkey Tool

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North American Hunting Club Seal of Approval

"This is a great product for the turkey hunter who wants to have a bunch of much-needed tools in a small package. Definitely a must-have for the avid turkey hunter."

-R. Haynes

Hunt 'em, gut 'em, measure 'em, and tote 'em out of the woods.

The all around turkey hunting solution. Replace multiple pieces of gear in your vest with the Turkey Tool combining a brush and game saw, knife, choke wrench, pin punch, carry hook, Toter Sheath, beard and spur ruler into one compact frame. It'll be with you for the whole trip but is so light and compact it won't get in the way. The perfect tool to take down that perfect Tom.

Product Features

  • Brush/game saw
  • 440 SS drop point knife
  • .10ga - .410ga choke wrench
  • Gun pin punch
  • Carry hook
  • 15” beard/spur ruler
  • Toter Sheath
  • Rubber side grips
  • Black nickel coated SS implements

Made especially for turkey hunters

The patent pending Turkey Tool is the only one of it’s kind and is made for the specialized needs of turkey hunters. The Turkey Tool combines the most essential tools needed for the hunt. With it you can: brush in a blind set-up; change shotgun chokes; disassemble a shotgun; field dress a bird; measure the beard and spurs on a big old Tom. Best of all, the carry hook combines with the included toter strap to allow you to shoulder your bird out of the woods.